A Note from Our Executive Director

Working With Autism, Inc. (WWA) was formed in 1997 and is a leading provider of quality intervention services for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Our clinical team consists of highly diverse professionals with expertise in applied behavior analysis, early childhood development, and specialized programming for children of all abilities.

Given our valuable team resources, WWA has embarked upon the mission to launch a new branch of services facilitating early parent-child relationships as a means of maximizing each child’s cognitive, social, and communicative growth potential. To this end, we would like to introduce Branches, a new entity of providing a range of services for children 0 to 3 years old and their families.

Children ages 0 to 3 who are at risk for or diagnosed with a developmental disability are served by a multi-disciplinary team providing Speech and Occupational Therapy in collaboration with the services of a Child Development Specialist. The parent-child relationship is at the core of this program and our team of specialists’ supports parents in identifying and responding to their child’s cues as well as using daily activi- ties as opportunities to enhance development.

Branches is currently providing Parent and Me Groups for children ages 1 to 2 years old. These groups are open to all families with typically developing children, and offer parents a chance to access a supportive environment as well as connect with other families. The Parent and Me groups aim to disseminate tech- niques that can help enhance everyday interactions to promote children’s development, and troubleshoots challenges faced by parents in the domains of behavior, feeding, communication, etc.

We appreciate the opportunity of presenting you with our newest services, and will strive to provide you with the same quality of care our agency is known for throughout the community for the past 18 years. Please let us know how Branches can best meet the needs of your family.


Jennifer Sabin, M.A., BCBA
Executive Director